About Us

Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd has become the market leader in the area. Establishing our unique brand our clients always tell us they are amazed about the difference dealing with us has been

Our success has been the quality expertise of our team, all dedicated and serious about their careers and the service they deliver. We all continue to learn and study our industry so we continue to deliver one of a kind service.

Whether you need expert advice on property management or sales, the award winning team is always available to listen to your needs. Our experience and services go way beyond from the moment you call, we have the solution for you and take all the worry and pressure away as when it comes to your next real estate dealings.

SydneyWest Real Estate – was founded in 2011 around one simple mission. “To deliver RESULTS that EXCEED our clients EXPECTATIONS”. We have created ‘Best Practice Systems’ that provide solutions and satisfaction to your most desired wants and needs.

SydneyWest Real Estate Pty Ltd – Campbelltown is one of the leading real estate agencies specialising in residential sales, property investments and developments (villas, duplexes and townhouses) as well as offering a full property management service.

SydneyWest Real Estate – Campbelltown  is leading realetstate in NSW and we uphold their high ethical standards and subscribe to their code of practice. Remember the wrong agent can cost you time and money but it costs no more to choose the best.

Speak to anyone who has experienced buying or selling Real Estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of the many goals of SydneyWest Real Estate – Campbelltown is to ensure your next move is a positive one.

Our outstanding team are committed to giving a consistent, friendly and helpful service. This well established and qualified team have spent their lives in the area, possessing unbeatable local knowledge, years of invaluable industry experience and dedicated customer focus.

The team at SydneyWest Real Estate has been a finalist in the “Most Outstanding Real Estate Agency” category of the Small Business Awards since 2010,2011 and has WON this award in 2013. Recognition at this level requires not just exceptional individuals, but a champion team.

At the foundation of our ‘success system’ is a philosophical shift from being a ‘facilitator’ presenting to a Real Estate Consumer to becoming a ‘catalyst’ for a Real Estate Client to find success in an industry that for decades has been inefficient and often ineffective. “Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the agent DELIVERS” SydneyWest Real Estate – Campbelltown has thoroughly researched what a client requires from their agent.

What our clients have told us, no matter if they were Selling, Renting, Buying or Leasing is that they are craving a ‘professional’ who can ‘listen’ to their individual wants and needs and provide solutions for them! SydneyWest Real Estate – Campbelltown is that professional.