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Dedicated to Every Square Inch of Your Property


A Dedicated Leasing Team


As a dedicated residential property management specialist, the team at Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd is committed to providing you with the highest and most comprehensive levels of service.

By finding the right tenant for your property, our expert property managers will ensure your investment is generating the maximum returns possible.

We focus only on residential property management. Our ratio of staff member per properties across our whole portfolio is higher than the industry standard, so we have the people and know-how to give you true peace of mind.

Trust our experienced team and let us deliver the results you deserve.

100% Focused on your Investment Property


Why should you let us manage your investment property? The answer is simple… we are specialists in the field.

At Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd our 100% focus is your investment property. We will not try to coerce you into selling your property, and we do not treat property management as a sideline business. Property management is our business.

Our property managers are incentive’s to align their interests with your own. They are rewarded for minimizing vacancies, maximizing rents and for sourcing only the highest quality tenants.

That is what makes our property managers so different.

You will have a dedicated property manager who will be responsible for every aspect of your property. The added convenience of this personalized service means your single point of contact will answer any of your questions and deal with any issues that may arise. You will only have to deal with one person in order to access our full range of services and resources of the team.

Our people, experience and commitment to excellence ensure your investment property is managed to the highest possible standard.

Ensuring your property is rented to the maximum market value

An investment property delivers short-term and long-term returns. With our extensive property database we are able to perform accurate rental appraisals to ensure your property is rented to maximum market value.

We have a range of advertising streams guaranteed to get your property noticed. Our years of experience enable us to recommend potential improvements to your property to maximise the rental return.

This ability to attract higher rental rates significantly increases the investment and market value of your property. Our dedicated property managers are directly rewarded if your rent is increased and maximised.

In addition, our comprehensive property inspections serve to ensure your investment property is maintained to the highest standard, further increasing the property’s long-term market value.

As a demonstration of our confidence in our ability, you will not be charged to use our services unless we secure a tenant that meets with your approval. We advise our clients to sign leases that end in peak months to ensure the highest possible rental return.

At Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd, we know how to get the maximum short-term and long-term returns for you.

We work fast to ensure your investment is returning its potential

As an owner of an investment property you don’t want to see your property vacant, this risk is minimised. With our vacancy action plan, we make every effort to have your property rented as quickly as possible. We even encourage you to choose your own tenant.

Why do you have the final say? Because just as important as finding a tenant, is finding the ‘right’ tenant. During the vacancy period, you will receive regular feedback and communication from our dedicated leasing team.

We employ fulltime leasing officers who have the specific responsibility of finding the right tenant for your property fast. This dedicated team works six days per week until 7pm to ensure we have the facility to provide after-hours inspections. More showings mean reduced vacancies.

As a part of our service, a Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd team member will be present at every inspection made by a potential tenant, ensuring the security of your premises. From these inspections, our next action step involves a highly detailed tenant screening and application process including third party reference checks.

You can then be assured that only suitable applicants that meet our criteria are short-listed to present for your approval.

If you want your property to deliver fast, secure returns, then Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd has the specialists who can help you.

Your own investment property manager

Many people think that once you own an investment property, everything will be smooth sailing. But ask anyone that currently owns or has owned an investment property and you will find the reality is often different.

So what distinguishes an investment property that brings real peace of mind from one that’s a real headache? The answer is your property manager.

As a client of ours, you will have your very own property manager assigned to you. Our dedicated property managers are paid on a unique commission basis, which aligns their interests with yours. They are rewarded for minimising vacancies, maximising rent, collecting payments on time, and finding the highest quality tenants. Your property manager will be your single point of contact for any questions you may have.

If any issue should arise regarding your property, your property manager will deal with it, keeping you informed with constant updates and reports. Should a particular issue require your authorisation, you will be consulted before any action is taken. And don’t forget, your property manager is backed by a fully trained, professional and committed team.

With a Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd property manager looking after your property, your investment is being cared for by an expert.

Peace of mind with detailed reports

Have you ever had a question but couldn’t find the answer? At Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd, the answers come to you. AS part of our service, you will receive regular, in-depth updates and reports about your investment property.

You will never need to worry or wonder about your property, as you will have all the facts and figures delivered to you.We will protect your asset through detailed tenant screening, entry condition reports, lease documentation, regular inspections, and vigilant arrears management.

Why are we so insistent about keeping you informed? Because we believe that an investment property should bring security and peace of mind, not worry and angst.

With constant reporting, you can relax in the knowledge that your investment property is being maintained to the standard you expect and bringing the returns you deserve.

Constant reporting may seem trivial to some, but at Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd we believe it is a vital form of communication to you, our client.

The service guarantee

The service guarantee means that you can take comfort in the knowledge that we will do what we say we are going to do.

We make your satisfaction our top priority – that’s our guarantee.

If a situation is not rectified we will give you the option to cancel our management agreement within 24 hours.

Our Investment Specialists are available to listen to you and discuss the best strategy possible to enable you to achieve the best possible result.

Please contact Nirajan  Manandhar  on 02 46261571 or