Mr. Jose Rey Christopher Lerado

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Good job people…..Keep up the good work and more power.

Mr. Jose Rey Christopher Lerado
Stapleton Street
Pendle Hill, NSW 2145

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Nirajan Manandhar

Honest and hard-working, Nirajan Manandhar Director and Principal of Sydney West Real Estate Pty Ltd has been in real estate for over a decade. In this period Nirajan Manandhar has achieved a great deal. Nirajan was ranked among their top ten non-metropolitan agents in NSW. You don’t rise to the top of the industry by sitting on your hands. Instead, you need attributes like diligence and determination, which Nirajan Manandhar possesses in abundance. Specialising in properties in Liverpool,CanleyVale,Fairfield, Campelltown,Riverwoord& Glenfield .Nirajan Manandhar has acquired a great reputation among those he’s assisted with property sales. Describing himself as someone who “always has my clients’ best interests at heart,” Nirajan takes an active role in developing and managing the entire sales process. Nirajan,s client focus enables him to develop targeted, property-specific marketing campaigns for his clients.Nirajan also monitors campaign progress carefully and he will adapt a campaign where necessary. Aware that the sales process can be stressful, Nirajan understands the value of communicating with his clients. As he says, “buying or selling property is a typically big undertaking for people, personally and financially. That’s why I keep in touch with my clients throughout the sales process.” A tough negotiator, Nirajan strives to obtain the best possible results for his clients. Nirajan,s commitment to providing outstanding service comes to the fore when he’s handling property sales. Known for his knowledge of the local property market, Nirajan can provide his clients with honest, reliable advice about potential purchases. They also reap the benefits associated with his willingness to work tirelessly to locate suitable properties for their consideration. Those who have worked with Nirajan report that he is unfailingly willing to “go the extra mile.”He is the winner of the Millions Dollars Top Sales Agent in Sydney. Energetic and ethical Nirajan enjoys being part of SydneyWest Real Estate Pty Ltd. He points out that " SydneyWest Real Estate Pty Ltd promotes excellence in all aspects of real estate, with a particular focus on delivering excellence in service - this is something I’ve always prized myself.”